TV Will Be Just the Same Without Letterman

Tonight was David Letterman’s last show. I haven’t watched him in probably 15 years, so you won’t find any echos of praise for the guy over here.

The president honored the man of the day in typical fashion, tweeting a picture if himself.

I do recall trying very hard to like Letterman, and I did – for a year or so. Viewers will recall Norm, a shop owner just outside the CBS studios. A camera in the shop was piped in, live, so he and Letterman could do their bit.

Arguably the most awkward man to have graced the show yet, Norm was hilarious and quickly became a daily feature on the Letterman show. Just as all good things seem to come to an end, Norm became more comfortable on camera. That’s the thing with Letterman. He’ll use a bit, like Norm, ‘Does it Float,’ or a ‘Top 10 List, so many times that even the fact that it isn’t funny anymore won’t even make it funny.

Ace does a much better job explaining where Letterman went wrong.

“The man has been phoning it in for at least twenty years.

Yeah, he got off to a great start. But then he did nothing for twenty years.

Tonight, Dave Letterman retires.

But he quit a long time ago.”

Go take a look.