Are We to Blame for the Rachel Dolezals?

While she may very well have psychological issues, I can’t help but wonder if society might in part be to blame for the phenomenon that is Rachel Dolezal. Racial tension has been in the forefront of the national conversation more so today than ever before. Never, it seems, does the first lady open her mouth without reminding us of her skin color and of the struggles she and those like her endure each and every day. Is racial identity something that’s really worth preoccupying ourselves with to the point that we are unable to enjoy the American freedoms that each and every one of us was blessed with by our Creator?

I struggle to figure out exactly what it is America must do to absolve the slavery and segregation that will forever be a part of its past. Psychologically troubled or not, Rachel Dolezal does too.


Cover image by Aaron Robinow