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Bumper Stickers in Madison Wisconsin Land of Recall Walker What conservatives in Madison WI must put up with

A few weeks ago, William Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection featured a photo of mine depicting a not so SmartCar plastered with almost 30 bumper stickers. This car has visited my recall Walker, Mary Burke-supporting neighbor down the road at least once before. This time, I was ready.

Hello Professor Jacobson,

Although I live near the planet of Madison, I’m usually able to escape its madness in my happy little suburb.

This, however, ended up in my cul de sac … for the second time. No matter where we go, they are among us.

I am watching with worried eyes.

via @TarynOnthenews

Most often I have found that the tolerance each sticker demands of us, when combined with the person that placed it there, illustrates for us a hilarious contradiction on wheels. Head on over and take a look at the entire photo because yes, it is that bad.