Audio: Former Trek President and CEO Confirms Mary Burke (WI) Was Fired

via 1130 WISN
In a detailed interview given on WISN Radio, former Trek President and CEO Tom Albers explains the situation in which Richard Burke, Trek’s founder, as Director of Trek’s European Division in 1993. The details on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s her departure from Trek Bicycle Corp. as in the 1990s are a bit unclear, although has said she was “burned out” after working several years in the position.

“This had been a very demanding job and as a result, I decided I needed some time off,” Burke wrote in a note to a Doyle administration official in 2005 when she was being vetted for the commerce secretary’s post. “I joined some Spanish friends of mine and moved to Argentina to snowboard for three months.”

According to her old passports, Burke said she actually spent only two months — July and August 1993 — in Argentina. She was quoted in a Wisconsin State Journal story in 2005 saying she went on the trip because she was “going out with this guy.”

Now Burke said she wasn’t traveling with a boyfriend but was simply accompanied by friends.

More at the Journal Sentinel.


What Mary Burke occupied herself with during her hiatus is neither here nor there. The circumstances of her departure from Trek Bicycle Corp. however are beginning to go public with the help of everyone but the Burke family and have since been confirmed by former a former CEO and President himself. As such, Tom Albers served directly under Mary’s father Richard and directly over Mary. While Albers agrees that there may be truth to Mary’s statement that she was simply “burnt out” by a demanding position, he felt that the first-time manager was undoubtedly in over her head. To put it “bluntly, she was fired.” From a technical standpoint he does admit that it may have not been that way on paper. He credits her management style, capabilities, and not being ready for the position as reasons for being let go. Albers admits “it was Dick Burke’s decision” to remove her from the position. It is interesting to note that Albers had made the decision not to come forward. However, once his name became public as having been associated with Burke, he decided to speak.