Leaked: No Indictment in Ferguson?

According to Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit, information has leaked that there is no indictment for the death of Michael Brown. The information came from “a source inside the Prosecutor’s Office” and was confirmed by a second news source. Jim Hoft is located in the Saint Louis area and has been closely following developments.

As always, it’s best to take leaks with a grain of salt until official an announcement.

The decision of the jury will be announced at 9PM ET, 8PM Central and will be live streamed here.


The Michael Brown family released a statement regarding tonight’s verdict.

The Michael Brown jury materials will be made public if no charges are filed. H/T Instapundit

And then there was this tweet sent out by CNN at saying that there was ‘”not enough evidence” to indict #DarrenWilson.’ The tweet was eventually deleted. H/T Dan Riehl