Russia Targets Pentagon in New Cyber Attack

opm_hack_china_russia_cyber_attack Cyber security. Abstract background with lock and scheme

Hackers with ties to Russia have gained access to “at least five” computers in the U.S. Department of Defense, the Daily Beast’s Shane Harris reports. The attack was discovered July 8 according to a department memo.

Compared to the recently disclosed attacks on the OPM, this new breach is considered much more sophisticated in nature and is more complex than anything the government has seen so far.

From the Daily Beast:

“To use a military analogy, the level of sophistication of this attack is like comparing a World War I propeller-driven fighter plane to a stealth bomber coming in under the radar, completely destroying its target, and leaving before the enemy even realizes they have been attacked,” computer security expert Michael Adams said.

The victims of the attack received emails that were believed to be from the National Endowment for Democracy. Inside that email was a link that directs to an infected server that proceeded to download malicious software onto the email recipient’s computer.

Officials at the Department of Defense have not commented on the breach and have yet to identify the nature of any compromised data.