Stop Looking, You Pig!


Don’t you dare comment on her tattoo. Better yet, don’t even look at her, you knuckle dragging beast. Melissa A. Fabello of the blog Everyday Feminism gives us a glimpse into the horror and mistreatment tattooed woman face in today’s “patriarchal society.”

National Review explains:

“There’s a new form of harassment out there, according to the Feminist Internet: “tat-calling,” which is basically when a man comments on a woman’s tattoos. “I was frustrated and uncomfortable that I couldn’t just go for a simple walk without being left alone, so over the course of 40 minutes, I tweeted (using the hashtag #tatcalling . . . every tattoo-related catcall I received – just to prove a point about what a day in the life of a tattooed woman out in public in a patriarchal society feels like … One guy even literally stopped to show me his tattoos.”

The poor thing.

Fabello goes on to explain that people are welcome to ask about her tattoos providing they follow a particular set of rules for discussion. How are we expected to know about these rules? Who knows? Perhaps the same way you and I found out about the secret menu at In-N-Out.

If an someone “politely excuses themselves for being interruptive and asks me if I’d be comfortable answering a few questions about my tattoos because they’re thinking of getting one and are curious, I always (very kindly) oblige.”

Last but not least, don’t you dare pay her a compliment. Bunch of chauvinist pigs.