Swedes Have Covered Up Muslim Sex Assaults for Years

German cities garnered international attention after hundreds of German women in Cologne, Salzburg, Hamburg, and more were sexually assaulted on New Year’s eve. First person accounts revealed that the perpetrators were exclusively of Arab or North African descent. The accounts were corroborated by the fact that several of the offending men uploaded videos or photos of the assaults onto social media.

Even worse, police in several of these cities have been accused of covering up the large number of assaults in fears of anti-Muslim backlash.

It has now come to light that Swedish police have been suppressed news of sexual assaults at a Stockholm youth music festival for several years.

Breitbart News has the details:

A memo sent to police chiefs and the Stockholm police media centre at the festival suggested the migrant sex crime problem was, in fact, a recurring one from previous years. Police now admit they should have shared this information.

The perpetrators of the sexual assaults and thefts were predominantly “young foreign men who come to Sweden without their parents”. An internal police memo stated that the young men concerned primarily came from Afghanistan.

One young attendee was 16-years-old when she attended the festival in 2014. She told Aftonbladet it was the worst concert she had ever experienced. She described an “unpleasant mood” and feeling of powerlessness. She did say that although some of the attackers were Swedish, most of them had different ethnic backgrounds.

Alarmingly, cover ups of sex crimes of Muslim immigrants and citizens have become quite a trend across Europe and the U.K. The English town of Rotherham became world news in 2014 after the existence of an underage sex ring involving hundreds of British-born Pakistanis came to light. Most surprising about this was the measures local authorities took to either ignore or cover up reports made by victims or their families. The number of girls victimized by the Rotherham sex abuse ring is also believed to be in the hundreds.

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