Will Fox News Bother Airing This Video?

I am quite curious if Fox News will bother playing this 2010 video in which then Florida state legislator Marco Rubio explaines his stance on immigration. The network appears to be very busy covering whether or whether not Cruz’ drafting and promotion of his Gang of Eight amendment was sincere. Incomprehensible to these pundits and anchors is the possibility that the amendment was crafted and promoted in order to illustrate that it would not pass because it did not grant the Democrat party its ultimate goal (amnesty). Despite he fact that Ted Cruz has explained this repeatedly on various shows, network collectively choses not to even consider it.

Rubio’s position in 2010, as you shall see, appears to be pretty cut and dry here. This position was the same Rubio took as he campaigned for the United States Senate. Incidentally, many consider the support and momentum of the Tea Party to be responsible for Rubio’s campaign victory.